I have started a mailing list for RemedyCoin.com.  My plans are to host it myself soon.  However I needed to get the functionality going first.  PHPList.com seems like a nice offers open source program for managing email marketing campaigns.  

I initially tried using the TurnkeyLinux.com integrated linux container  of PHPList but I couldn’t get it to work behind  HAProxy.

Why do I bother with these technical details when I have so much to do with Remedy Coin?   It is a way of life for me to use open source solutIions.  To go the path of using the tools that others are free to use and distribute.  

I hope you’ll sign up on the mailing list.  I’m working on many, many ideas that some will find very interesting: 

  • “How to deal with an Ebola Epidemic?” 
  • “ICO for the first RemedyCoin and many, many after that”
  • “ICOpulco.com – Potentially a recreation destination to learn about ICOs”
  • ” Up to date announcements of counterpoint perspectives on the news by Joe Baker”

So I look forward to connecting with you all in a more direct way, the old fashioned way – email.


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